Stained Glass Window Restoration And Conservation


"Christ at the Door", Tiffany Studios


Stained glass windows are unique contributions to the history and esthetics of our buildings and houses of worship, and as such deserve to be preserved and protected so that future generations can enjoy the beauty they present to us today. As caretakers of these beautiful objects we offer complete services for the restoration and conservation of stained glass windows to archival standards.

Some Of The Restoration Services We Provide Are:

Restoration of Stained Glass Windows Using Restoration Grade Lead

So that  the windows that we restore will last for many years without need for further restoration, we use a restoration grade lead came which is an alloy of lead, copper, antimony, and silver. This lead alloy has the ability of lasting three times longer than conventional lead cames.

Glass Conservation, Repair, and Replacement

We also offer services for the conservation, repair, and replacement of broken and severely  damaged glass. Using conservation epoxies and other reversible techniques, we can consolidate damage that has occurred to the painted areas of the glass and prevent further damage from occurring in the future. To see an example of  severely damaged painted glass that was restored and conserved by my studio, go to

"THE GOOD SHEPHERD WINDOW" RESTORATION & CONSERVATION                                                                                                           

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Complete Window Documentation

S o that  there will be a record of the stained glass windows, we document the condition of the windows before and after restoration. These photographs provide a working record of the stained glass windows for studio records, and serve as a record for future archival reference.

Archival Restoration and Conservation

Although all of the stained glass windows that we restore are given the best care, in some instances a stained glass window will require more care to bring it back to it's original condition. The high archival standards we use are intended to not only to bring the window back to it's original condition, but to conserve and protect the window from future damage.

Examples of Our Work

To see an example of another window that needed extensive restoration go to the gallery link below.

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