Stained Glass Window Protective Glazing

    In order to protect stained glass windows from the effects of wind and weather, and to provide a thermal barrier against heat loss, plate glass or poly-carbonate protective glazing can be installed on the exterior of the window frames.

    The benefits of having protective glazing covering the stained glass windows is that the windows are protected from vandalism, wind loads and adverse weather conditions, and the extra glazing provides a thermal barrier and weather seal that prevents heat loss.

    Pictured below is a bell tower window frame before and after restoration. The original configuration had the windows installed into the frames without protective glazing. What was discovered was that the frame had started to deteriorate due to water infiltration that had occurred between the frame and the stained glass windows. After the stained glass windows and window frame were restored, it was decided that protective glazing would be installed to prevent damage in the future.

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